if you’re gonna have a vision

might as well make it a big one, right?



Break the cycle of ‘not enough’ so that women can transform their own lives and the lives of future generations. 


Bring balance to a patriarchal world by fearlessly stepping into our power and nurturing our feminine qualities.


Help women to live their best lives by giving them the space and tools to become their best selves.


Benefit women who want to share their Gritty Girl journey, through financial rewards and further education.


What would the world look like if every woman on the planet felt like she was enough. Literally, if women were incapable of thinking thoughts like  ‘I’m not smart enough, ‘I’m not thin enough’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not talented enough’…

It would be a pretty epic world, right?

Welcome to our vision at Such a Gritty Girl

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I know you know you were born for soul-drenched greatness. Do you know who else knows it too? The women in our Tribe.

If you want to connect with actually wonderful women on a similar journey to you, who want to cheer you on, share their wins and frustrations, and explore the journey of becoming your version of epic, then get in it!


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Lessons Learnt in Lockdown
Lessons Learnt in Lockdown

It's a funny thing, being forced into taking rest. At least that's how I viewed my experience of two weeks of isolation and the following weeks of our nationwide lockdown. During the first few days I was supercharged, full of energy and excitement about all the things...

What are money blocks? And do I have any?
What are money blocks? And do I have any?

If you haven't heard the term before, you're probably wondering "what are money blocks??". Fair enough - it's not a term that comes up in everyday conversation, and certainly not something we're taught about at school! I first found out about money blocks about a year...