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Elisa Tidswell

Elisa Tidswell

Founder + coach

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Hi, I’m Elisa,

Former prolific people-pleaser who let people walk all over her, constantly beat herself up, rarely spoke up for herself, buried her head in the sand about money, worked non-stop to avoid the pain of facing up to her ‘failures’, who felt like an entrepreneurial loser despite creating a six-figure business (which, incidentally, she didn’t enjoy a lot of), and who didn’t follow any of her passions (didn’t even know what her passions were).

Pleased to meet you!

Okay, so that’s the old me. The new me – actually, the real me – is the person who realised that all of those horrible things that I believed about myself were just not true.

The person who discovered that, on the contrary, she – as well as every other woman on Earth – is absolutely amazing, beautiful, strong, and has SO MUCH TO OFFER.

I founded Such a Gritty Girl a few months after having my daughter. One day, after being triggered (yet again) by a painful memory from a past abusive relationship, I suddenly thought (with horror) “I never want that to happen to her!”.

I wanted her to believe in herself, to know – always – that she is worthy of everything that is good, to pursue the things she wanted, to have passion and high standards for how people treat her. I wanted her to know that she is enough. 

But how could I expect that of her when I didn’t live that life myself? 

I knew then that I had to break this cycle of ‘not enough’. 

So, I set about changing, and changed fast. I got a coach, enrolled in courses, and invested in myself for almost the first time in my life. I thought about what I wanted, who I was, and I constantly pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

And as I began to scrape away all of the congealed dirt – all of those rubbish beliefs – that I had covered myself, I began to find my real self again. The real self that’s beautiful and powerful and strong. 

The real self that’s in all of us.

Now I am committed to helping other women see their real self – not the crap they tell themselves, not the kaka beliefs they’ve absorbed from others – but their  REAL, TRUE SELF.

There is a beautiful, powerful and strong woman inside of you. She IS you. 

Let’s get her out. And then break this cycle of ‘not enough’ for good. 

Because girl, you ARE good enough!

I can’t wait to work with you x

Pascale Hennessey

Pascale Hennessey

Head of course content + Coach

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Hello beautiful,

I’m Pascale and I’m so glad that you’re here. Believe me, it’s no accident.

If you’ve ever heard that little voice in your head tell you you’re not good enough or that your dreams and goals are not worth pursuing;  Perhaps you have a great idea you’re working on but can’t see the wood for the trees to even get it off the ground; Or maybe there’s just something inflamed in your life, a dissatisfaction that gnaws at the back of your mind…’urgh, gotta clear that’.

I know that place so well, and can fully appreciate how hard it is to get out of it and make significant change in your life, without the right kind of help. I was a person who, from a very young age, wanted nothing more than to be liked by others, and I’m sure many of you can relate to that feeling.

Being a people-pleaser and, eventually, a rescue-martyr, completely directed the way in which I interacted with people in all areas of my life; at school, at work, in business and in my personal and intimate relationships.

I was forever following the same patterns of belief, not knowing that my blueprints were stuck on autopilot, in order to fulfil a need that had nothing to do with my own happiness and everything to do with my perception of what others wanted for, or thought of me.

Being distant from my true self manifested as energy-draining relationships, both professional and personal, a depleting bank account and the ever-present feeling that something just wasn’t right.

Fast forward past those years that I like to call my “apprenticeship”, I find myself living a life of purpose, I am happily married with a family of my own, I have a loving and trustworthy tribe of close friends, a thriving financial life and investment portfolio, and the ability to see love, beauty and opportunity with every mishap, every set back, every calamity and every strife that comes my way.

That’s what being a Gritty Girl is all about. It’s being enough, always. It’s being resilient and choosing the path of growth over the one of limitation. It’s the stepping into the highest and best version of yourself, with a support crew cheering you on the whole way.

I am so excited to collaborate with Elisa on Such a Gritty Girl and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with you and this amazing tribe of women. To assist me in my work, I draw upon my 10+ years’ experience as a qualified life coach and trainer in the world of personal transformation and growth, and my expertise in the fields of ‘little voice mastery’, abundance and wealth creation.

If you’re ready to break the cycle of “not enough” and take your life to the next level, join the Gritty Woman Tribe and let’s get started! x