My four year old son has a book called ‘The lion inside’. It’s about a mouse who feels small and forgotten, and wants to join in with the other animals and enjoy life. He sees that the lion, who is big, tough and loud, is the centre of the party… and so the mouse thinks, if he could be like the lion, the other animals would notice him, and life would be nice.

The mouse decides that he needs to find out how to roar and plucks up the courage to go to the lion – knowing full well he could be eaten up – and ask him to teach him his roar. The line in this book that always sticks out to me is:


If you want things to change, first you have to change you.

Rachel Bright and Tim Field, The Lion Inside

Dang. Amazing what we preach to our kids but find so hard to do ourselves, isn’t it?

There is one reason why personal development can be terrifying… and that’s because it’s hard. Just like the mouse, you have the pluck up the courage to face what you’re scared of in order to learn something that will help you grow.

So, what if you are brave enough to face one of your demons and do something completely out of your comfort zone? Well, the rewards are great, of course. You get the equivalent of what the mouse finds in this story: you confront the lion, find out that he’s actually terrified of you (lions are scared of mice, you see), and then you get to make friends with him, have loads of fun, and enjoy a new way of life.

Even more good news is that the journey never ends… there’s always more to learn, always room to grow, always new levels of being that you didn’t even know existed before. You can keep being, feeling, thinking, and doing better, more peaceful, more fulfilled, more at one with yourself and the world.

Of course, this also means… you’re going to be facing a lot of lions. For example, as part of my coaching training I’ve been focusing on money mindset. This stuff FASCINATES me (more on that next month). I grew up believing and thinking that people like me aren’t wealthy, will never be wealthy, and that wealthy people are materialistic. Pretty sad, right? Now, I’ve worked really hard to change these untrue beliefs, cultivate a new, healthy money mindset, and teach other women how to do the same.

Even still, my colleague and fellow coach, health and wealth mentor Pascale Hennessey, sent me a net worth sheet that will be part of our upcoming money mindset course -. my first thought? TERROR.

As soon as I read the email subject line, my money anxieties got triggered – the ones that say ‘You don’t have any net worth, you’ll never have any net worth, don’t open the email and you won’t have to face the pain.’

So, what do I do? I FORCE myself to open the email (but not before writing this blog). I FORCE myself to read it. I FORCE myself to fill in the sheet. I meet the lion and ask it to teach me its roar. And in doing so, I find out that the lion is scared of me, and now I have the opportunity to make friends with it.

I choose to be financially free. I also want to be detached from wealth – money or no money does not define me. And I know that If I want these things, I have to work for them.

I think I meet resistance 10 times a day. Little lions, all waiting to be friends. Some I ignore until they’re massive lions roaring in my face, others I think ‘how cute’ and give them a little cuddle. The point is, growth is out there. It’s hard. It gets easier. 

So, tell me, what is something you want that you’re not going for? What’s your lion?