If you haven’t heard the term before, you’re probably wondering “what are money blocks??”. Fair enough – it’s not a term that comes up in everyday conversation, and certainly not something we’re taught about at school!

I first found out about money blocks about a year and a half ago. 

After nine years of running a marketing business, I had got to a point where I realised I had money issues – not as in debt, but some mental or emotional *something* that was preventing me from growing income.

I had been at six-figures for eight years. To be honest, I considered myself VERY lucky for generating this income – especially as I’d gone straight from a job earning £22k a year to turning over six-figures in my first year of running my own business. I also come from a very working-class background, so £100k to me was an almost unbelievable amount of money for much of my life. 

But I wasn’t growing my income any further, and I always felt weird about money. For example, I under-charged nearly all the time, I rarely increased my prices (in eight years!!), was late invoicing and did not feel good when negotiating or talking about money with clients.

I wanted to do something about it, and happened to come across an online money mindset course. For a couple of hundred quid, I thought it couldn’t hurt.

Well, even though the course was pretty basic, what I learned was MINDBLOWING.

Those *somethings* I had which prevented me growing my income and left me feeling anxious about money were caused by … MONEY BLOCKS!

what are money blocks

What is a money block?

Great question!  A money block is a belief about money – probably one which you formed when you were a child – which causes stress in your relationship to money. These beliefs, which are often subconscious, stop us from growing, saving, investing and spending money in a way that meets our goals and needs.

There are LOADS of different types of money blocks, and every person will have different ones.


Examples of money blocks:


1. I don’t deserve money

Lots of us believe that we are undeserving of money. Perhaps we grew up poor, and subconsciously believe that being poor is part of our identity, or maybe we grew up in a rich family and don’t feel we deserve to have money because we didn’t earn it ourselves. Either way – money block!

2. Money is materialistic

Ohh, this one has been a doozie for me. I grew up wanting to be spiritual. I still do. But I equated money with materialism, and being poor with spirituality. Therefore, I didn’t take care of my money even when I’d earned it. For me, this money block showed up consciously as “I just want to help people. I don’t care about money.” 

3. I am not good with money

This is a biggie for women. We are socially conditioned to believe that we are bad with money – and this conditioning goes deep. For example, research published in Prospect Magazine showed this:

“65% of articles about money in women’s magazines characterise women as excessive spenders, and encourage them to budget better and impose spending controls on themselves, rather than consider investments. In contrast, 70 per cent of men’s magazines emphasise money-making as a masculine ideal, portraying investment as an exciting frontier.” (source: Prospect Magazine)

This belief can also come from our family e.g. perhaps we come from a family where money was never discussed, or our parents had bad money habits, as well as things like being bad at math at school and therefore believing that money management is beyond us. 

4. I’m greedy if I spend money on myself

This one hits women hard, and mothers even harder. Suze Orman has this great quote about money which sums this up: 

Men want money for power; and women want it for comfort, and usually not their own comfort, but the comfort of others in their lives.” 


examples of money blocks

How do I know if I have money blocks?


Money blocks show up in myriads of different ways. For example, for me, I got stressed out when I had to look at my business accounts (finding them overwhelming), and I would let me accountant take care of EVERYTHING. I also found it difficult to break through my  turnover barrier. 

For others, it might show up in the form of giving all of our money away (if we believe money is bad, we will get rid of it as quickly as possible because our mind wants to move us from pain to pleasure), blowing all of our money on things we don’t need (this is why lottery winners often end up bankrupt), mis-managing our money, failing to invest or save… all sorts of things.

Basically, if you’re you feel any stress at all with money, there’s an underlying money block there that’s causing the pain. 


How do I get rid of my money blocks?

Okay, so getting rid of your money blocks does take work. You need to identify your money blocks and then work to clear them.

After the first course I took, I was so fascinated by the subject that I then invested in money mindset coach training so that I could teach this to other women.

Even after doing this training for a year, I still uncover money blocks all of the time. Basically, once you move past your immediate money blocks, you’ll find that more will come up later down the line – which is no bad thing. Let me explain.

For example, you have a business and you find you can’t get past £50k in income (no matter what you try), there’ll be a money block there. You clear the block and grow your income to £100k. Great! But then you can’t shift past that point again – it may be because you’ve got a deeper money block to clear.

Luckily, we want to make it easy for you to clear your money blocks! 

The easiest thing you can do is write out some money affirmations and stick them to the back of your bathroom door (or download the free money playbook from the freebies page if it’s still available).

You can also join our free Bustin’ Broke Beliefs Wealth Wisdom Workshop (sign up here or register your interest for the next upcoming workshop if there isn’t one available to join at the moment).

If you want to deep-dive into the subject and really take control of your money, join our Gillionaire Girl’s Club, a live 4-week course which runs periodically and goes through mindset as well as the practical nitty gritty for how to take care of, and grow, your wealth.