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Breaking the cycle

“How do I stop that happening to her?  How do I raise her to stand up for herself, to believe in herself, and to go for what she wants in life,


This is the thought that struck me – with some horror – a few months after my daughter was born. I’d just been triggered by the memory of a past abusive relationship, and was drenched in the feelings of shame and disgust that came with it, when my attention turned to her. I’m so glad it did.

In that moment, I was inspired to change. At first, this change was for my daughter and son, but after setting off on my journey of self-improvement (to become the woman that I was actually born to be, rather than the people-pleasing, self-doubting version I was), I realised the importance and beauty of doing it for myself, too.

Soon after, I felt the need to share this with other women too – because nearly every woman I saw around me, no matter how seemingly ‘successful’ on the outside,  was really suffering on the inside.

how i did it

I feel like a completely different person to how I was a couple of years ago. I’m on a continuous and beautiful path of alignment, abundance, inner peace (I’m determined to make inner peace cool), and prosperity, both in my internal world and in my material reality. 

The process I followed (not consciously, I might add) now forms the basis of the Gritty Girl Method . It works, so try it and trust the process!

Your internal world is where everything starts. When you start nurturing that, all of the outside stuff becomes easy. 

Wanna join us?

One of our core aims is to help women prosper financially. As part of this, we’ll soon be launching a Such a Gritty Girl Ambassador Programme to enable our community to earn money through referal. Stay tuned for more info!

If you’d like to contribute in any other way, please get in touch! Women are so much more powerful together.

Massive love,

Elisa and the SGG team

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