Me time transformational mini-course

Time to make friends with your inner mean girl

The mean girl

Name one woman who doesn’t have a mean girl in her head – the kind who says things like:

‘You’re fat’,  ‘You idiot, why did you do that?’

‘You failure’,  ‘Nothing good happens to you’

‘You’re not worthy’,  ‘You’re not loveable’.

In these 15 days we’re going to learn to make friends with that mean girl, and transform her with love.

This will change your life.

Start date

This mini course starts Monday 16th November 2020.

how it works

Every day for the 15 days, you’ll recieve an instruction in a private FaceBook group – the ‘Me time’ group.

We’ll focus a lot on mirror work, which is incredibly simple but completely life changing, as well as other tools for generating self-awareness and self-compassion.

Elisa will also be live in the group to coach and encourage you through, and answer questions.

You can participate in the group as much or as little as you like. The group is there for comradery and there’s something incredibly special about see ourselves in others – in other words, seeing and experiencing our shared humanity. There will always be people who contribute a lot, so don’t worry if you’d prefer just to ‘watch’.

What's expected of you

This is your time to show up for YOU. You’ll need to take 5 minutes a day to yourself, that is all. Of course, if you want to put in more time, you can and Elisa will be sharing some additional tools that you can implement if you want to. 

The goal is that you feel a shift inside, which then ripples out into your life. 

It’s only 15 days, but in these 15 days you are going to do something for yourself which will shift you forever. Promise.