GG Club Week 1

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(First half hour is spent on group introductions)

00:35 – The State of ‘Enough” and true abundance

00:58:34 Money Archetypes – The Compulsive Saver

01:01 The Compulsive Spender

01:04 The Compulsive Money Maker

01:06 The Indifferent-to-Money Type

01:09 The Hippie/Monk

01:11 The Saver-Splurger 

01:12:04 The Gambler

01:14 The Worrier

01:20 The 5 Negative Emotions keeping you from prosperity

01:35 The state of Enough – understanding the “feeling place” of this state; Example of asking for the value you expect (Frances’s plumber experience)

01:49 Self-enquiry: How big is your money container?

01:55 –> Writing exercises

02:11 Weeding the mind garden and the four simple techniques to check your negative thoughts and create new patterns of behaviour in the moment


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