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You know those things you wish you’d been taught at school? Things like:

– How to move forward when you feel stuck in life?

– How to feel great being your authentic self?

– How to overcome difficulties and trauma?

And then practical stuff like:

– How to grow money in a way that feels good?

– How to create healthy relationships?

– How to find a profession that lights you up?

Well, those are the things we’re here to help you (and the little people!) with. Get ready for change – you’re about to blossom.



Attract what you want coaching playbook

To live with purpose, we have to know what we actually want. Yet, many of us don’t – we get caught up in what others’ expect of us.

This playbook will gently help you work out what you want in life, and give you guidance on how to start making those things a reality.

Bonus affirmation included!

free kids' coaching playbook!

Let’s not raise another generation of people who sleepwalk through life.

Let’s raise children who know how to think about what they want, express it, and go for it.

This playbook is a child’s version of the ‘Attract what you want’ playbook and includes affirmations printables.

join the gritty woman tribe on facebook

We’ve scrapped competition, chucked out comparison, and gone full-on cheerleader – for each other.

Join The Gritty Woman Tribe on Facebook to share a supportive space with like-minded women all on a path to inner confidence and authenticity. 

See you there!

We’re on a mission

Our vision is to create a world where everyone knows that they are loved, important and enough. 

Where people know their purpose, pursue their passions, and have the knowledge and support to create a rich life – both financially and soulfully. 

It’s basically a world where everyone is on a conscious path to becoming their most epic, thriving self.

And it might be a long road. But let’s take the shortest route and start with you – and the little people.

value-packed coaching monthly membership cominG soon

Sneak Peek of Some of Our Courses

gillionaire girls' club

Oh my gosh, guess what?! You don’t have to suck at money!

In fact, you can enjoy money, create wealth, and make a bigger impact in the world. 

If you’re ready to take it to the next level and finally get from where you are financially to where you want to be, then you will LOVE this course.

Abundance beckons! 

passion and purpose

What if women were able to contribute to the world in a way that lit them up every time they went to work?

Can we start creating that world, please – and start with you?

The Purpose and Passion course is the spine-tingly stuff that’s going to set you on a path that you can’t – and won’t want to – turn back from.

getting unstuck

If you are driven to thrive, improve life for you and your family, and make an impact in the world … but aren’t doing those things because you feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed – then, girl, you are not alone! We’ve been there.

Let’s get you out of that hole, shine a light on your brilliance, bring you back to your best, kick-ass self, and set you on the road to awesomeness.

about such a gritty girl

Mamas on a mission

Hi, I’m Elisa – mama, coach, business woman and founder at Such a Gritty Girl.

A couple of years ago, I seemly had it all; the loving family, successful business, house, a close community – all of the things that we’re taught makes for a great life. 

But inside, I felt like a failure. I constantly beat myself up, doubted myself, and was deeply frustrated that I couldn’t fulfil the potential I knew I had. 

And the thing was, when I looked at the other women around me, I saw the same cracks appearing in each and every one of them.

 Finally, after years of thinking about it, I went to see a coach (having kids was a major kick in the butt), and that one action changed my life, setting me off on a path of self-discovery, alignment, and – as unedgy as it sounds – inner peace.

I began to dream about how I could help other women realise just how innately incredible they are too – and thus Such a Gritty Girl was born.

Such a Gritty Girl is continually evolving and growing, but the vision remains the same: to create a world where mamas live fully and authentically, with purpose and passion – embodying all the things they want for their children.

Join the Gritty Woman Tribe on Facebook!

I know you know you were born for soul-drenched greatness. Do you know who else knows it too? The women in our Tribe.

If you want to connect with actually wonderful women on a similar journey to you, who want to cheer you on, share their wins and frustrations, and explore the journey of becoming your version of epic, then get in it!


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